Intense humidity has returned to the atmosphere around me, synchronistically timed with the tragic events occurring around the world. The air has become so thick with fog, as if saturated with tremendous grief, only allowing, at times, visibility of just a few feet. Ghandi said, “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.” I feel incapable of offering any words that improve upon those already said at this time. Instead, I am dwelling introspectively.
I would, however, like to share a passage written by yoga teacher, Jacqui Bonwell (who always speaks directly to your soul):

“I must remember that underneath my worry lives courage. Underneath my tough emotions lies great stability. Underneath my shame lives tremendous personal power. Underneath my greatest grief there is total acceptance. Underneath my repressed words there is truth. Underneath my delusion is great clarity. When I forget this my spirit waits patiently for me to get it together, and never gets tired of watching me sometimes take the scenic route. It always knows that I will remember, and yours knows you will too. Hardship is the soul’s blessing.”

I hope this may be of benefit to anyone feeling despair at this moment.




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