Talk Testimonials

“Your Inspiring Story and Presentation…
I attended your Sawyer Library (Gloucester) presentation and was thrilled to “experience” your powerful verbal presentation, photo and musical slide show.
As a retired higher education educator I’ve seen many presentations and yours ranks in the top 5%. Congratulations!
Your message of struggle, aspiration, challenge, commitment and redemption resonated with me (and many other attendees.)”
-Dr Daniel Duffy, Former Vice-President of Student Affairs, Ocean County College

“Thank you for a very engaging, thought-provoking and beautiful presentation. To say that the audience was engaged, would be an understatement. They did not want to let you go!
You are amazing, and should pat yourself on the back for your courage in overcoming overwhelming odds both on the trail and off.”
– Michelle LeMonde-McIntyre
Supervisor of Community & Outreach Services
Framingham, MA Public Library

“Very interesting and unique! Wendy is a smart, diligent, passionate and earnest person who has put together a compelling presentation on her experience of being a long distance hiker and the inward and outward journeys therein. Her talk is simultaneously informational, inspirational, vulnerable and strong.”
– Checka Antifonario

“Wendy’s talk was moving, inspirational, and fascinating. The stories she shared of her motivation to hike, her dedication despite illness and other obstacles, and her love for nature all made the evening one people are still talking about. The photos of her trek are beautiful. We’ve received so many compliments from our public about this event. For any community with hikers, nature lovers, or photographers, Wendy is a must-have.”
-Meagan Parker
Programming and Community Outreach Librarian
Cary Memorial Library
Lexington, MA

“Your story is inspiring, compelling, and intensely engaging.”
-Bruce R. Mendelsohn
Trustee, Auburn, MA Public Library

“Thanks again for a great program. It was one of the most well received programs I have had. I feel like a lot of people left awestruck by your story and by your beautiful photos.”
-Kelsey Matthews
Athol, MA Public Library

“I want to thank you again for your truly wonderful program. It was so well
constructed and carefully thought out. I don’t think enough can be said
of the strength, courage, and emotional fortitude your journeys and
choices demonstrate.”
-Robin Flynn
Head of Communications
Beverly Public Library
Beverly, MA

“Your talk is a much needed resource and inspiration for others that are searching for self fulfillment.”
-Armida Geiger
Adult Program Event Coordinator
Durham Public Library
Durham, NH


2 thoughts on “Talk Testimonials

  1. Dear Wendy,
    I came to your talk at the Chicopee Library and again at the Wilbraham Library. I loved listening to your story of adventure on the PCT and found the photographic presentation that followed to be magnificent. Your choice of musical accompaniement captured my imagination and enhanced the whole experience. I was so lucky to be there! I’m glad you have the determination and patience to persevere through the recuperation process as your body heals itself. Thanks so much for the greeting card photos of your journey and I wonder where I can get some more.
    I hope you find that bone broth and feel better soon.
    Marcia Manning

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