Yoga Teaching Testimonials

“I’ve been long meaning to tell you how important your class was to me. I started out thinking I would attend a few classes in order to learn a couple new poses and would then quit. But I kept learning new things. I loved its challenge and the careful way you taught it. I mostly do yoga on my own these days with poses I learned from you. [My wife] and I attend a weekly class in Jamaica Plain but it’s not the same. The instructor talks too much and its very basic.” -Jim Z.

“Wendy leads you through an intelligent regimen of poses, focusing on correct form, core strength, and breathing. Through her progression, she allows ample time to warm the body necessary to transition to the next pose. She accepts all skill levels, giving you the opportunity to take the experience as far as you feel comfortable and content. Her gentle reminders about posture and technique allowed me to throw away my weight exercises, because she focuses on the entire body, rather than isolating particular muscle groups. Her savasanas are like a chocolate dessert — smooth, comforting, and spiritual. She might even read a poem from TS Eliot to complete the experience.” -Thomas S.

“About 2 years ago I took advantage of a yoga class that my company was holding after work. My first introduction to yoga was through Wendy and I have been a devoted fan ever since. Wendy’s style is totally non-judgmental. She spends time showing us variations of the moves. That allows us to determine which variation would be best for our own bodies. Throughout these 2 years I have gained strength and am much more flexible than before I began the class. I can’t imagine my life without yoga and I have Wendy to thank for it.” -Debbie R.