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Beverly, MA Public Library: February 27, 2017: 9:30-10:30am
“The Gifts of Chronic Illness: Turning Adversity into Awakening”

We are experiencing skyrocketing numbers of chronic illness in the United States, ranging from cancer to thyroid disorders, celiac disease, and fibromyalgia. There are many estimates suggesting that at least 50% of our population suffers from at least one chronic illness. Often, the medical establishment has little to offer in the way of effective treatment or even diagnosis of these illnesses. This presentation will reveal the common elements and causes of chronic illness and identify steps we can take (at any age) to restore health to our bodies and prevent future disease. It will also challenge the audience to see the adversity they face in their lives as holding an unrevealed gift. Is it possible that the challenges that are presented to us can be used as opportunities for change, growth, and freedom? How can we change our relationship to our suffering, allow it to teach us, and reclaim our own power?



If you are interested in having me present to your group or event, please e-mail me at:
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4 thoughts on “Current Talk Schedule

  1. Wendy, I just recently attended your talk which was held at the Melrose Library on July 14th. From the first few words describing your younger life, you captured my heart and my emotions. I had tears in my eyes. I felt such admiration for you and the woman you have become. I am amazed at your tenacity in facing so many obstacles on your life’s journey. Truly you are a great example of strength and courage. My husband who passed last June so loved nature and all its beauty. He enjoyed hikes through local trails and once hiked up Mt. Washington. He was in his element when communing with nature. During your slideshow, I felt that he would have loved to be there and hear you speak and enjoy the photographs.
    I took in the photographic beauty for both of us. You are a special soul. Continue to share this experience with as many hearts as you can touch. You are watched over. God bless you. Mary S

  2. Hi Wendy, I’m the gentleman in the white shirt who came late and left early for your presentation earlier tonight at the Chicopee Library. I unfortunately missed your entire talk at the beginning and entered during the marvelous slide show. It took my breath away. I was on work time and could not attend from the beginning. I truly regret what was missed, as the comments from the other attendees suggested that something very special had been shared. I will try to make up for that by attending your September 27 presentation in Wilbraham, and be there from the beginning. Some things, you just know are an unexpected gift from life. It was a privilege and a joy to take part in what little I saw tonight. -Joe

    • Thank you so much, Joe! I feel badly about my lack of an answer for you… It was just too much to address in a sentence or two! I hope you can make it to Wilbraham. Otherwise, I will find another way to answer your questions! I really appreciate your very kind words! All the best to you, Wendy

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