Day 84: A full marathon!

Day 84
July 11
mile 1208.8-1235
26.2 miles

IMG_4492 copy 2
I didn’t get up until 6:54, which was very late for a thru-hiker, but I really needed the sleep- especially after my bad night in Sierra City. I had poptarts with my coffee for breakfast, and as I was sitting up in my sleeping bag, the two guys I had seen the evening before walked by and waved.
When I caught up to them later, they said that I was only one of two people that they had seen in the last two days! They were wondering if everyone else had quit! I told them that there were a lot of people in Sierra City, which they had bypassed.
The views were beautiful in the morning. Blue lakes shimmered in the distance and the trail was lined with evergreens. I had a nice view for my first break of the day!
IMG_4494 copy 2

IMG_4495 copy 2IMG_4497 copy 2IMG_4500 copy 2IMG_4502 copy 2

IMG_4503 copy 2

IMG_4504 copy 2

IMG_4505 copy 2
For lunch, I sat on a rock in the woods and ate some salami, Tanya’s pistachios, and a Skickers bar for dessert. I later emerged at a dirt road to find one of the two guys doing push-ups! (Whatever floats your boat…)
The trail climbed again and I walked by some beautiful white lilies, which I love the smell of and watched some butterflies flittering on the ground together as if they were gossiping.
IMG_4516 copy 2IMG_4519 copy 2
At the top, I noticed that I had reception and received an incredible comment from one of my readers that really brightened my day and lifted my spirits. After reading it, I felt like my life had not been meaningless.
IMG_4517 copy 2IMG_4520 copy 2
I came to a nice stream and sat down to collect water as two women and a dog came along. One of them asked the other to pull out her water bottle for her. Even with the help, it took an incredibly long time and one of the thru-hikers got held up waiting! As I filtered my water, the dog named Angel, rubbed up against my back.
Although I had several intestinal emergencies, my stomach was not in pain today and I was thankful for that. My body and spirit felt good.
I continued along and ran into a man who was out here for a week to hike and fish, and who had brought his dog with him. He said that he felt guilty that he lived so close to the mountains, but rarely made it out here. He encouraged me to move out there so I could play in the mountains all of the time!
I had a lot of fallen trees to step over today. And although I was pleased with where I had chosen to collect water, I had to carry 2.5 liters for the remaining 8 miles of the day, which was a heavy load! I walked by Red and Andy Dufresne, who were camping along a dirt road and told them that I was going to walk for another hour, as I am not a morning person! When I found the next possible place to camp, I saw a tent set up close-by. It was definitely a thru-hiker tent and when I walked by, I could see a couple inside. I wondered who it was. I kept going as the light faded, hoping there would be something up ahead. Several minutes later, I veered off the trail and found a little secluded place to set up. When I checked my mileage, I realized that I had hiked a full marathon today!
IMG_4522 copy 2
I added some of Tanya’s seaweed, as well as a packet of tuna to my pasta dinner (two things that made the taste more tolerable) and had some peanut butter cups for dessert.
Today I felt good out here and didn’t want to return to Boston- even for a homecoming party with my friends. I wanted to stay on the trail. However, I was still strongly feeling the stress of the number of miles I had to hike for my remaining days out here, and the quickness of my remaining resupply stops.


2 thoughts on “Day 84: A full marathon!

  1. Hi Wendy! I just wanted to tell you that even though I’m in the city, your day by day account of the trail is SO dang inspirational in my life (which can be somewhat of a drag)!! You really are a bad-ass (excuse the course language but sometimes…swearing just says it better) !! If I had to choose anyone I know to be my team mate on a desert island, YOU would by far, be my choice!! I’m not blowing sunshine up anywhere either!! Okay, I’m going to step off now.. Take good care of you and I’m sorry your home coming was not what you hoped for and totally deserved!!

    Oh so sincerely,

    ~ Cath Sent from my iPhone


    • Awww… Thanks so much, Cath! Just remember that I have no map reading skills! 😉 I’m definitely struggling with life in the city, myself! It’s a tough world we live in! I really hope you get the opportunity to hike the PCT soon! It’s an amazing trail! And I will be your biggest cheerleader! I feel so grateful for all of the nice people like you that I met along the way!

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