My Latest Crisis…

The Logic board in my computer died. This is apparently worse than the hard drive dying. In order to retrieve my data, I have to pay a third party rescue center. I also need to buy a new computer.

I am open to any help from the universe!

It might be awhile before I can post again…


3 thoughts on “My Latest Crisis…

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am sorry to hear about all of the problems and hope you can keep struggling and trying with the hope of a better life. Money and work control our lives. I t is out of control and threatens to destroy everyone and the planet. I admire your struggle and the wonderful hikes you did to see nature and meet others who are like minded. I am a composer who struggles with the same issues, still at 71 with financial problems, after working all of my life. I have always tried to experience nature and live for my art.
    I have used computers for 30 years and have always used Macs. I have had five of them and have never lost one. I think it is a superior computer. The Mac mini cost 570 dollars at Best Buy. There is no screen or keyboard. The ones with the screen cost about 1200 dollars. You might be able to use the screen you have or buy one for 100 dollars, keyboard 20 dollars, cd rom drive 30 dollars and mouse unless you already have them. It is as powerful as the 1200 one. The Mac screen is very high resolution and expensive. The others at Best Buy are fine. I have used and LG monitor costs 150 dollars for 8 years. Even a used Mac would be ok. I have the Mac Mini now, it is great. External hard drives are very inexpensive also. If you keep the old computer, as cheap as 70 dollars. If your computer goes, the data is safe on the external hard drive.
    Stay well, do not give up. I know you will not with your strength and spirit. The world needs people like you who care about life rather than money, status and power.

  2. Hi Wendy,
    It is good to have backup for the data for any computer. External hard drives are very inexpensive now and it is backup if the computer goes down and can be connected to any other computer. Most can be used on Winows and Mac.
    Bill Gordon

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