“Heaven Sent”: Article about PCT trail angel Donna Saufley

Here is an entertaining article on one of the best trail angels on the PCT, Donna Saufley. I witnessed an unfortunate drama play out in January on Facebook, ending in Donna’s sudden decision to stop hosting hikers at her home. It was not a “vendor” at Kick-Off, but the writer of the PCT guidebook who has blamed Donna many times over the years for creating “bottlenecks” of hikers on the trail (without acknowledging the part of Kick-Off, which marks the time that most of the PCT hikers start the trail in these masses). It was hard to read some of the language being used to blame such kind and helpful people in these threads. Egos remain a problem even in this area of life. I barely spoke with Donna while I was in Agua Dulce, but have since learned a lot about her. She now ranks as one of my top role models and favorite people.  I absolutely love what she stands for. She is a very strong woman with a huge heart. The last line of the article made me cry on my first read of it. This is a tremendous loss to the PCT.



1 thought on ““Heaven Sent”: Article about PCT trail angel Donna Saufley

  1. A great article. Thanks for sharing. A real shame it has closed, ive enjoyed reading blogs about the oct, and how lovely hiker heaven was as a stop.

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