Birthday Horoscope

My birthday was last Thursday. I haven’t looked at a horoscope in years, but decided to that night for fun.

The first one I saw was extremely accurate!
Screen shot 2015-02-20 at 12.24.09 AM

The challenges have already been daunting- that’s for sure! And it is true that I am both capable of a lot more, and that I need a little push. I’m always desiring that push to get me started. I needed to take a class in order to get a start making jewelry, and for a LONG time, I have been feeling that I need structure and accountability to start writing. I need assignments and deadlines. The only time that I produced any writing was when I took a writing class nearly 10 years ago, and when I wrote my trail journals, which had inherent structure to them already.

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 6.21.48 PM

I hope the windfall part is true! My work life is already being re-structured. Just yesterday, I discovered that my yoga employer suddenly eliminated my two Thursday classes! She gave one to a new teacher. The worst part of it is that no one has informed me about this change! I just happened to see it on the schedule. I had a few nice students that I was developing relationships with, so this news is disappointing to me on a number of levels.

Also, the Cambridge company that I have been teaching yoga at for nearly 3 years now is moving to a building in downtown Boston that does not allow non-employees to enter, so I am losing that teaching job, as well. Now, I am more dependent than ever on finding speaking engagements! I am still having great difficulty in getting a response from any of the colleges I have written to.

Screen shot 2015-02-20 at 12.26.51 AM

This is also true. I like to take the backseat. But I have to keep putting myself out there or nothing will happen!


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