To the sweet woman who asked for my autograph today

Would you kindly e-mail me your name and address? I would like to send you a nicer one with some actual words! (I think I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment and not thinking properly at all!) I am so sorry!

My e-mail address is:

And to everyone who came to my talk today- a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU!!
I am humbled and grateful.


1 thought on “To the sweet woman who asked for my autograph today

  1. Your Inspiring Story and Presentation
    I attended your Sawyer Library (Gloucester) presentation yesterday and was thrilled to “experience” your powerful verbal presentation, photo and musical slide show. As a retired higher education educator I’ve seen many presentations and yours ranks in the top 5%. Congratulations!
    Your message of struggle, aspiration, challenge, commitment and redemption resonated with me (and many other attendees.)
    I encourage you to begin writing your story (if you haven’t already started). You have a great deal of written resources that you could use to organize your book (ie: Your Trail Journals, Presentation Outline and Notes, Your Blog entries, and email correspondence with other thru trail hikers.
    Let me know if you have any interest in meeting with me and a few other aspiring writers from the Gloucester Writers Center. I’ve found that a Writer’s group has helped me in many areas of my writing journey.
    Also, you may want to get email addresses of Directors of Student Activities from two and four year colleges. They have student fee money to spend on outstanding presenters such as yourself.
    I hope 2015 is your best year ever!

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