Interesting Article on how Chris McCandless Died

An update on the death of Chris McCandless from ‘Into the Wild’ author, Jon Krakauer

September 12, 2013
How Chris McCandless Died
By Jon Krakauer

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1 thought on “Interesting Article on how Chris McCandless Died

  1. Thanks for your very good writing about Krakauer’s book, Wendy. A tragic story, but I think we need information like this for those who want to venture into nature’s realm to find a better way of life other then the current systems offer. It is always a risk, but everything worthwhile is, when trying to find meaning and freedom.
    Two web sites I know of people who live in the wilderness.
    First one is: Wilderness Dweller, Chris Czajkowski. She lives in Chilcotin Mtns. BC. and has several books, and a lot of writing on her site. Our library system has one of her books.
    Second: Becoming Wild, Nikki van Schyndel lives on islands near north Vancouver island.
    Stay well,
    Bill Gordon

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