A tiny summary after day 4

I am camped by the highway at mile 77 on day 4. It’s super windy, which means I won’t get any sleep. Have only slept one night of the last 4.
Today, I broke away from the pack of people ( there are way more people out here than I expected!) and hiked alone all day. I’ve already gotten lost a couple of times and have had to hike extra to backtrack. I saw a rattlesnake on the trail on day 2 and one today that was in the bushes right beside the trail and there was no mistaking that a predatory animal was making noises at me as I walked next to it! Holy cow!
It’s very hot and the sun beats down on you all day. The miles go much slower in the heat. And I have never been so dirty in my entire life! We walk through sand all day long and it covers your body! It seeps right through your socks. My toes are black! And my entire legs are covered with dirt.
My body- especially my hips and legs are so sore and tight that they radiate pain at night and don’t allow me to sleep.

I haven’t had any time to stretch or journal- both of which I need to do badly. I’m trying to make it to Warner Springs by Wednesday in hopes of getting a ride to kick- off – and maybe a free shower! Otherwise, I will have to pay $8 for one.
I will update this over the next few days when I have a chance. In the meantime, I’m just working hard- hiking all day long, setting up camp, cooking my dehydrated pasta, trying unsuccessfully to sleep, breaking it all down, putting it all on my back and walking all day again.

So glad I am out here, though! It’s the only place I want to be.
Check back in a few days for a couple of photos and more details!


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