Updates coming soon!

Hi everyone!

Please bear with me…
I will be writing and posting pictures soon! I just downloaded all 7,000+ photos that I took during my journey to my computer and now have to sort through them!

I am home and feeling much better than expected (although I still have my intestinal illness). Vancouver, the airport, and returning to Boston have not been nearly as traumatizing as I thought they would be. I think this means that a deep internal shift occurred during this journey which makes me feel at peace wherever I happen to be.

One thing that I can’t believe back at home is how long it takes to boil a pot of water on a stove! Compared to the efficiency of my jetboil stove, it now feels like I have to wait forever!

I am now going to attempt my first (at home) yoga! I haven’t stretched in months! This will be interesting…


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